Cable TV Bill SMS and Due reminder SMS - Send bill to customers

Cable TV Bill SMS and due SMS reminder makes this app a unique one and gives more interaction with the customers and cable tv operators. Cablenine is an amazing application for cable TV operators, broadband networks, LCOs and Cable channels. Cablenine application makes SMS to the customers about their package validity, complaint status, new offers, etc. Cable TV Billing is also possible through the SMS.

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Due SMS alert - SMS bill to Customer

This device offers services to Banking/Micro finance institutions, Ticketing, Billing, Restaurants, Petrol Pumps, Parking Places, Retail, FMCG and other establishments for their portable printing solutions. The Bluetooth Printer (Billing Machine) is Web enabled and it helps the cable tv agent to do instant bill generation in the field and the transactions, thus data will be stored on the Server. This Device facilitates online mode of functioning. The data of the Customer will be highly secured with Cablenine, so you can call it as "Best Cable TV Spot Billing Application in Kerala". Cablenine is the best cable TV Billing System which is compatible with TRAI Regulations.

Single click Billing - Customer Payment Report and History

All of your company and customer data are secured using encryption technologies on cloud servers. It can be accessed only by authorised personnel using the appropriate login credentials. Cablenine Supports in multiple languages.The Cable TV operator can manage the SMS alert and notification to the customer. SMS Notification for Payment due, New Package Launch, connection Inactivation or activation and customer for bill payment.

Daily, monthly, yearly payment collection report, due summary report, customer summary report, subscription summary report,agent report,custom package summary,GST report are generated through Cablenine Application.

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