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Cablenine is an excellent application for cable TV operators, broadband networks, LCOs, Local networks, Cable channels. This optimized and advanced application helps your billing process more professional and advanced. Just collect the due amount and forget the accounts. This is as simple as that. Cablenine is an amazing Cable TV Billing Application

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Cablenine mobile app for cable TV Collection agents (LCO)

Cablenine is the most trusted and most downloaded app in its kind. Cable billing and cable tv accounts is a big headache for most of the cable operators, but when it starts handled by cablenine mobile application, cable billing is just a time pass for most of the cable tv operators and broadband service providers. Cable tv operators face complaints on their network on a regular basis. They need a system to manage their customer complaints. Cablenine mobile application makes it simple and easy with its integrated mobile app which servers customers directly.Cablenine has launched one of the most advanced and easy to use Android based application exclusively for a bill collection agent. Our mobile application works on Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G. Our mobile application connects through a handy Bluetooth printer that’s paired to the mobile application for generating the printed receipt.

Outstanding Cable Billing Mobile application (LCO Application)

Its features like SMS messaging and due SMS reminder makes this app a unique one and gives more interaction with end customers and cable service providers. Cable tv service now a days faces so many challenges when it comes to packages and pay channels. With our Cablenine mobile app billing system helps the operator's to create and custom make packages for their end users as per their requirement.

We realize this specific needs of our customers by feedback, we update our application frequently to meet our client requirements. Our well established connection with end users and cable operators makes us understand the market better day by day. Our strong customer base helps us grow faster and quicker and keep our competitors far behind. If you are a LCO and looking for a complete accounting solution, we assure you that you will enjoy our cable billing software & mobile application also manage your complete business and collections on the go.

Low cost Cable TV Billing Mobile application

  • User Friendly Application
  • Bill collection by Android App on mobile, mobile web browser or desktop / laptop browser.
  • Search subscribers by Name / Address / Flat No / Mobile number / E-mail ID / STB number / User ID / Smart Card number etc.
  • Easy to Generate Reports
  • Paid / Outstanding list
  • Easy Billing Receipt
  • Systematic Process
  • No Loss of Date
  • Easy Monitoring the Subscribers
  • Postpaid / Pre-paid collection list
  • Paid and Unpaid Customers List in a particular group
  • Subscribers Complete ledger accounts
  • Complaint management system
  • View entire list of tickets allotted by the admin
  • Search recent assigned subscriber’s complaint and update
  • View complaint and accordingly provide solutions and close the ticket
  • Subscribers receive instant payment E-receipt via SMS & E-mail
  • Subscribers Live Address / mobile / E-mail address update
  • Paid and Unpaid Subscriber List in a particular group, area or zone
  • Search, update - customer’s complaints and create new complaints for a Customer
  • Make payments with Cash/Cheque of a Subscriber, and print receipt via Bluetooth printer
  • View Dashboard details like counts of collections, complaints, customers deactivated and total due ,etc
  • After updating a payment subscriber receives SMS / Email for every payment they make to you
  • Subscriber wise previous outstanding and current month bill with late payment charges applicable if the subscriber has crossed due date

Designed to organize and simplify the way you maintain and manage your cable TV subscribers.
Cablenine Agent Application is now available on playstore :

  • Add Customers
  • All Customers
  • SMS
  • Add Subscriptions
  • Custom Subscription
  • Invoices
  • Revenues
  • Income vs Expense
  • Bills
  • Payments
  • Vendors
  • Activate Subscriptions
  • Ala-cartes/Channels
  • Bouquets
  • Packages
  • Expense Summary
  • Profit & Loss
  • Customer Summary
  • Agent Summary
  • Package Summary
  • Bouquets Summary
  • Channel Summary
  • Custom Package Summary
  • Due Summary
  • Accounts
  • Transfers
  • Transactions
  • Reconciliations
  • Complaints
  • Income Summary

Contact Information

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    Kerala 673016
  • 2nd floor,
    Kerala Startup Mission Center
  • +91 70127 333 93

low-cost-cable-billing-app low-cost-cable-billing-app low-cost-cable-billing-app
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